Distinguished Service Award

Distinguished Service Award

This award is given for distinguished service to NACE by an elected or appointed member, or a group (under exceptional circumstances), for duties, responsibilities, or assignments, performed at the section, region, area, or association level. Therefore, the nature of the distinguished service to NACE should be described in detail.

A maximum of 10 awards may be given in any year. Each recipient will receive an inscribed award.

Nominee Eligibility

  • The nominee must be a current member of NACE in good standing.
  • No posthumous nominations will be accepted.
  • Past presidents are not eligible for this award.
  • Past recipients of the R.A. Brannon Award are not eligible for this award.
  • Past recipients of this award are not eligible to receive this award again.

How to Nominate

Download and fill out nomination form

Review criteria for nominator eligibility

Return on or before June 30 to NACE Headquarters

For more information please email awards@nace.org.

2019 Recipient(s)

Abdulhameed Al-Hashem

Petroleum Research Center, Safat, Kuwait

"Recognized for being a NACE leader that is making huge contributions to its success."

Abdul Razzaq Al-Shamri

Kuwait Integrated Petroleum Industries Company, Kuwait

"Recognized for his leadership and commitment in the growth of NACE International in Kuwait through participation of his teams in CORROSION; NACE committees; and support for NACE activities in Kuwait and globally."

Bill Hedges

BP Exploration Ltd., UK

"Recognized for his efforts in promotion corrosion management strategies, providing guidance on the activities of NACE foundation and for his very valuable contributions to NACE European Area Strategy and Planning committee."

Brent Harle

"Recognized for leadership and dedication demonstrated in organizing and chairing the first joint ASM/NACE Materials Camp for Teachers, which was also the first ever Materials Camp in Western Canada."

Ed Ondak

Ed Ondak Corrosion Services, Littleton, Colorado

"Recognized for 50-year membership and has has taught thousands of students at PHMSA and NACE Education and served at all levels including BOD and many committees."

Sunder Ramachandran

"Recognized for his volunteered time and knowledge to key technical groups within NACE, which includes leading pivotal NACE symposia on the flow effects of corrosion."

Fred Saenz

Retired from Flit Hill Resources, Corpus Christi, Texas

"Recognized for his outstanding contributions with over 30 years of unprecedented active membership and 20 years of extraordinary section leadership and guidance."

Matt Waldrop

Farwest Corrosion Control Company, Tulsa, Oklahoma

"Recognized for serving NACE International for more than 20 years at the Local Section, Area and Society level in many important roles. He has been an expert manager as well as a skilled educator and helped introduce innovation corrosion control technologies."

Past Recipients

  • 2018
    Abdullah Alghmdi
    Mario Celant
    Gerald Holton
    Michelle Lau
    Conchita Mendez
    Paul Noyce
    Alberto Valdes
  • 2017
    Debra Boisvert
    Lorrie Krebs
    John Broomfield, FNACE
    Chuck Fite
    Nancy Graves
    David Kolman
    Roberto Malfanti
    Michael Melampy
    Nihal Obeyesekere
    Scott Rice
  • 2016
    Khlefa Esaklul
    George Richards
    Vilapanur Ravi
    Scott Young
    Drew Haiko
    Jerry Bauman
    Mark Mucek
  • 2015
    Stuart Bond
    Dr. Kimberly Joy-Harris
    Mongkol Mahavongtrakul
    Ramesh Nagar
    Sam Seagraves
  • 2014
    Michael Ames
    Paul R. Nichols
    Bruce A. Cookingham
    Raymond Quinter
    Richard B. Eckert
    Kenneth Tator
    Dr. Bob Fu
    Leslie Thompson
    George M. Krewson
  • 2013
    Michael K. Baach
    Dr. Graham E.C. Bell
    Kat Coronado
    Rodney Einer
    Dr. Carlos A. Palacios T.
    Tom Weber
  • 2012
    Cris Conner
    Dr. Peter Elliott
    Joseph Boivin
    Daniel E. Powell
    Dr. Gabriel Ogundele
    Irwin Joubert
  • 2011
    Rick Underwood
    Sam McFarland
    Allan Headon
  • 2010
    Hira Ahluwalia
    Kevin C. Garrity
    Peter Mayer
    Jane Brown
    James Haff
    Bob Horne
  • 2009
    John Chase
    Grant Firth
    Budd Melvin
    John Olson
    Andrea Parker
    Bob Phang
    Joe Pikas
    Antony Simcoe
  • 2008
    B. Bertrand
    T. Bieri
    C. I. Cruz
    B. Fouracre
    L. Gray
    P. Sidky
    S. Williamson
  • 2006
    O. Drescher
    A. Hevle
    S. Moody
    A. Murty
    P. Rothman
    D. Olson
    S. Suess
    L. Vincent
  • 2005
    S. Derdemezis
    D. Efird
    L. Johnson
    P. Sly
    D. Webster
  • 2004
    C. F. Britton
    S. K. Brubaker
    J.E. Feather
    D. R. Howard
    K. M. Karmil
    B. J. Saldanha
    S. N. Smith
    C. F. Speed
  • 2003
    V.S. Agarwala
    D.L. Johnson
    L.J. Moore
    R.W. Revie
    D.J. Truax
  • 2002
    C.L. Balerio
    D.F. Bowers
    D.R. Carenza
    M.M. Chauviere
    E.W. Klechka
    T.F. May
    D.T. Perrigo
    L.A. Scribner
    J.S. Tinnea
    G.R. Young
  • 2001
    B.S. Covino
    J. Cullum
    J. Didas
    S.C. Hall
    S.A. Jones
    G.M. Lewis
    K.T. Parker
    R.M. Speck
    R.C. Strong
    T.J. Tehada
  • 2000
    R.C. Brelsford
    L.R. Grace
    A.L. Hendricks
    P.A. Herbert
    S. Nikolakakos
    J.S. Poncio
    T.I. Purvis
  • 1999
    R.L. Bianchetti
    E.M. Bowman
    R.J. Coe
    S.A. Coombs
    A.J. Freedman
    W.D. Grimes
    J.F. Jenkins
    V.L. Near
    W.C. Robinson
  • 1998
    D. Boreman
    M. Byerely
    V. Chaker
    D. Garza
    T.F.W.P. Kelly
    N. Moriber
    D. Patrick
  • 1997
    I.F. Al-Adel
    H. Duncan
    L.G. MacDowell
    J.T. McCaffery
  • 1996
    R.A. Corbett
    R.M. Fields
    J.P. Fogel
    R.W. Herbert
    B.J. Lewis
    C.R. Reeves
    W.S. Spickelmire
    T.L. Teissere
    N.W. Watts
  • 1995
    F. Ansuini
    R.A. Castillo
    J.R. Cole
    R.D. Gundry
    H.P. Hack
    D.R. Reedy
    C.W. Sherman
  • 1994
    A.J. Gustavsen
    J.W. McKinney
    D.L. Piron
    L.R. Vickers
    R.E. Walker
  • 1993
    B. Flowers
    R. Lewis
    J. Stoecker
  • 1992
    L.E. Allen
    P.A. Burke
    D.A. Clarida
    O.W. Logue
    T.W. Pickthall
    G.E. Pogemiller
    P.D. Pucci
    W.A. Tinker
  • 1991
    J.E. Atwood
    L. Bone
    R.M. Cunningham
    D.E. Krause
    R.C. Parker
    R.B. Puyear
    G.F. Rak
    C.N. Steely
    H.W. Thompson
    W.T. Young
  • 1990
    R.G. Asperger
    J.C. Bowles, Jr.
    J.F. Chmilar
    R.D. Daniels
    B.F. Davis, Jr.
    G.F. Hoffman
    T.M. Kazmierczak
    E.L. Kirkpatrick
    R.D. Merrick
    W.R. Wardrop
  • 1989
    B.P. Boffardi
    R.P. Brown
    L.W. Campbell
    W.P. Carlson
    J.L. Magnon
    R.D. McCright
    W.R. Stead
    M.J. Szeliga
  • 1988
    S.M. Corey
    E.L. Curry
    J.E. Donham
    D.H. Haynes
    T.M. Laronge
    M. Lichtenstander
    P.J. Moreland
  • 1987
    C.C. Bass
    J.S. Beecher
    R.S. Charlton
    R.J. Crowe
    R.W. Hymes
    E.D. McCrory, Jr.
    C.L. Oney
    G.H. Silkworth
    F.G. Smith