Digital Badging


Digital Badging

Digital badging is the newest addition to your membership. Instead of physical membership cards, we have begun issuing a digital membership badge that you can access from anywhere. Visit our landing page for more information on this newest membership benefit.

Validate your membership anytime, anywhere

In the spirit of continuous improvement, NACE is pleased to announce the digital version of your current membership card. What does this mean for you, our members? Among other things, it will streamline the processing of your membership and replace the current physical cards with a digital counterpart.

This change brings many benefits to your NACE membership including:

  • Accessibility by web browser or through an app
  • Faster receipt of your badge after renewing your membership
  • Reduced waiting time for membership cards via the mail
  • Elimination of lost membership cards
  • Validation to employers and others that your membership is current
Digital badge sample

The new NACE membership digital badge will launch in the coming weeks.

Keep checking back for more details on this newest benefit of your membership.

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