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NACE's Most Wanted

Source: Eyewitness Sketch

Name: Dr. Rusty Von Rust
Aliases: Rusty McRusterson, Ferruccio Rustenheimer, Russel Rusterson, Rufus O'Rust.
Location: Unknown
Place of Birth: Unknown
Hair: Dark brown or black
Height: 5'8
Eye Color: Witnesses says his eyes turn to gold or orange during the process of corrosion, but there is no hard evidence to support this claim.
Rusty Von Rust to appear at CORROSION 2017, sources reveal

Intelligence sources have confirmed to NACE International that the evil corrosion supervillain, Dr. Rusty Von Rust, is planning to infiltrate the #CORROSION2017 conference in New Orleans.

Von Rust is known in corrosion circles as a maniacal destroyer of infrastructure whose mission is to “corrode the world,” according to his blog. “You build it, I’ll rust it,” he states in his online manifesto.

Von Rust’s whereabouts are currently unknown, although intelligence sources are predicting that the mad scientist will make his way to New Orleans in late March, to gather information on the latest developments from corrosion prevention experts, whom he considers his foes.

NACE International officials are asking CORROSION 2017 attendees to capture and report sightings of Rusty Von Rust via the hashtag #IFoundRusty on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

With your help, the NACE Corrosion Task Force will monitor his movements around New Orleans and anyone who takes a picture of Rusty and posts to social media using the #IFoundRusty will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Gift Card. The drawing will take place on Wednesday, March 29th at 4 pm at C2017 and the winner will be announced via NACE’s social media accounts.

Recent developments in the U.S. government, such as the Water Resources Development Act and a proposed $1 trillion infrastructure plan have threatened the efforts of Von Rust to systematically decay the infrastructure of the United States. His attempts to infiltrate the world’s largest corrosion conference display a sense of desperation, as NACE’s government relations team, along with the Corrosion Prevention Caucus, find success in their efforts to stop the harmful effects of corrosion.

Von Rust is described as being of medium build and height, with dark hair and a goatee or beard. He is often seen wearing his trademark lab coat and safety goggles.

Be On High Alert

NACE International has received intel of a nefarious entity that is wreaking havoc on our nation's infrastructure through corrosion. The mysterious figure, known in some circles as "Dr. Rusty Von Rust" or "Rusty," has been sighted in numerous locations across the U.S.

Little is known about Von Rust. He is described as a man of medium build, with dark hair. He is a self-taught loner with a high degree of intelligence, and exhibits signs of narcissism and sociopathic behavior. Von Rust has never been photographed, although we have compiled a composite sketch through witness descriptions.

We also have unconfirmed reports of Von Rust's strange abilities. Von Rust sightings have corresponded with high rates of corrosion. It seems that Von Rust has some means of accelerating the corrosion process and takes special delight in inflicting his destructive power on bridges, vehicles, and even military assets.

Von Rust's braggadocious demeanor is apparent through his recent presence on social media, where he has been trying to gather a following of like-minded destructors by taunting NACE and its members.

Submit A Tip

Civilians are advised to be on high alert and report any sightings of Dr. Von Rust to the authorities. NACE, the Worldwide Corrosion Authority, is asking civilians to assist in tracking Von Rust's online activities through the hashtag #rustywashere.

If you see an asset that you think has been affected by Dr. Rusty Von Rust—a bridge, a freeway, a bicycle, a pipeline, a vehicle, etc.—snap a photo and upload to social media with the aforementioned hashtag.

Join The Task Force

A Special Task Force has been created to help track down and capture Dr. Rusty Von Rust. The task force is made up of dedicated NACE members who are committed to finding assets affected by this super villain and doing everything possible to bring him to justice.

To join the Corrosion Task Force:

  • • Follow NACE on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • • Use the #rustywashere anyone you see a product of Von Rust's destructive ways
  • • Take part in any and all Government Relations efforts to help mitigate the effects of corrosion-follow NACE on social media for information on specific events and opportunities.

NACE is also proactively amping up our government relations activities, in an effort to draw attention to Von Rust's destructive ways, educate civilians and lawmakers about the danger of ignoring corrosion, and prevent him from growing his powers.

Learn more about what we’re doing to stop Von Rust and how you can get involved.