Controlling Corrosion in the Amusement Park Industry

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Controlling Corrosion in the Amusement Park Industry

Proper inspection protocols are an important part of the solution for meeting stringent safety standards and controlling corrosion in the amusement park industry. While protective coatings are the first line of defense against corrosion, coating operations must be simple and efficient but still provide a high level of protection and high-quality aesthetics.

This 90-minute eCourse uses videos to present a range of topics that include the reasons why coatings are applied in the amusement park industry, the basics of corrosion, coating fundamentals, coating selection, conducting coating surveys, and maintenance painting best practices.

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Who should attend

  • Coating contractors
  • Specification writers
  • Amusement park maintenance personnel
  • Amusement park safety and facility managers
  • Amusement park owners and operators

Learning objectives

  • Describe the four primary reasons in which coatings are used in the Amusement Park Industry
  • Explain how corrosion forms and the electrochemical process that occurs at the anodic and cathodic sites
  • State the difference between general and localized corrosion
  • Summarize the three factors that influence the rate of corrosion
  • Describe how coatings protect against corrosion
  • Explain the four components of a coating
  • State the factors that influence coating selection
  • Discuss how a coating survey is used to evaluate the condition of a structure/ride
  • Summarize the activities conducted in each of the three steps of maintenance painting
Duration - 90 Minutes
Member - $99.00 USD
Non-Member - $119.00 USD

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Completion certificate

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This eCourse can be used towards the NACE International Institute’s requirements for the Coatings Foundation for Amusement Parks Micro-Credential.