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    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
Course - Nuclear Power Plant Training for Coating Inspectors

This course is designed specifically to train coating inspectors to conduct inspections in nuclear power plants (NPPs), and is also used as a primer to familiarize non CIP-certified personnel with NPP coating requirements. The training focuses on the unique challenges presented by a nuclear facility’s restrictive and safety-critical environment, as well as the verbatim compliance compulsory in NPPs. The course also delves deeply into government, industry, and plant-specific regulations, technical specifications, and procedures.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures, case studies and discussions.

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  • NPP quality assurance managers
  • Qualified coating inspectors
  • Inspection firms - qualified inspectors and managers
  • Coating manufacturers sales and technical representatives
  • Coating inspection and evaluation personnel at architectural engineering firms
  • Coating contractors
  • Coating evaluation personnel from the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (U.S.)
  • Paint supervisors at nuclear power plants
There are no required prerequisites for this course.

NACE CIP Level 1 Certification Basic Corrosion or Basic Corrosion e-Course Industrial Coating Application e-Course (ICA) Introduction to Coating Inspection (ICI)
Learning Objectives:
  • Describe NPP operations, work procedures, and familiarity with industry terms
  • Recognize all industry regulatory organizations worldwide (including the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC))
  • Perform inspections in various areas of a NPP
  • Recall the purpose, criteria, and types of qualified NPP Coatings
  • Develop and manage a safety-related coatings program
  • Classify surface preparation and coating application of different Coating Service Level (CSL) areas
  • Match coating system type and DBA qualification requirements
  • Determine and apply required qualifications to meet industry and plant-specific ANSI and ASTM standards
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