Standards Communication Update on Progress

Even with the challenges presented by the postponement of CORROSION 2020 until June, we are continuing to make excellent progress on the implementation of our new Standards system. We would like to take this opportunity to update you on some of the achievements of the past few weeks:
  • The 21 Standards Committees and their scopes have been approved by the NACE Standards Board (click here to see the approved Standards Committees)
  • 20 individuals have accepted the positions of Chairs of these Committees, and 12 have accepted the Vice-Chair positions (also see the above link for assignments). All positions are expected to be filled by May 1st.
  • David Barnes of Elcometer was unanimously elected by the Standards Board to be the incoming Vice Chair. Dave will take office the day after the close of the 2020 Annual Conference (currently scheduled for June 18th), or July 1st if the conference would again be delayed.
  • The two-hour training course for Standards Committee officers has been completed and will be presented on-line starting in late April and in person at 2020 Conference and Corrosion Technology Week.
  • All NACE standards and reports currently published or in process (265 active standards/reports and 51 under development) have been tagged for transfer to the appropriate Standards Committees when the official “flip the switch” date occurs.
  • Retail sales of NACE standards/reports is up about 50% year-over-year to date.