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I.C.I. Online - Intro to Coating Inspection

Basic Corrosion Online

Through the Introduction to Coating Inspection eCourse, learn the fundamentals of coatings, as well as the purpose and role of a coating inspector on a coatings project.

Complete all eight modules in sequential order, or select the modules that most interest and benefit you in your career.

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Individual Pricing

$75.00 USD per module

Group or Corporate Pricing

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Professional Development Hours

Upon completion of all eight modules, receive four PDHs.

Course Description:

Module 1: Role of the Inspector

What does an inspector do, and what value does he or she bring to a coatings project? Discover the roles and responsibilities of a coatings inspector.

Module 2: Test Instrumentation

Testing plays a vital role to ensure that coatings are applied as specified. Understand the basic instruments used to monitor environmental conditions, evaluate the level of surface preparation, and measure the thickness of the installed coating film.

Module 3: Coating Specification

Learn about the "roadmap" for coatings installation, including the basic information that needs to be included in specifications so the coating inspector has the tools to ensure that the coatings are installed as specified.

Module 4: Coating Fundamentals

Explore the components of a typical coating as well as how coatings are applied to better understand the importance and role of the coating inspector in coatings application.

Module 5: Surface Preparation and Standards

During surface preparation, the inspector performs critical testing to ensure the coatings to be installed have the best chance to reach their designed lifecycle. Dive into the various methods of surface preparation and the critical aspects required for a successful coating project.

Module 6: Application Procedures

Coatings may be applied using equipment ranging from a brush and roller, to conventional airspray or airless spray, to sophisticated plural component systems. Learn more about the equipment and processes for coatings application.

Module 7: Coating Defects

Unfortunately, defects may occur when the specification is not followed or problems occurred during the coatings installation. Discover the types of defects and how to identify them.

Module 8: Pre-Job Conference

Take a proactive approach to a coatings project by learning about the benefits of a pre-job conference, where all involved parties meet to ensure complete understanding of the project requirements and clarifying any potential issues or ambiguities before it starts.

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