NACE Webcasts

NACE Webcasts offer educational presentations related to corrosion as a way to connect people within the corrosion community in an engaging and interactive way.

Corrosion Under Insulation

Corrosion Under Insulation Assessment, Monitoring, and Management

Corrosion under Insulation (CUI) is a widespread problem affecting several industries, causing significant loss of containment events.

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Tools and Techniques for Managing Corrosion at Water and Wastewater Utilities

This talk will cover the tools and techniques for managing corrosion at water and wastewater utilities.

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Employment paths

​Navigating Employment Paths in 2020 and Beyond

Whether you have already started a job hunt or are about to, this webcast will provide helpful tips on how to get the most from your job search.

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Webcast: PHMSA “Gas Mega Rule, Part 1”

What the New PHMSA Gas Transmission Mega Rule Means for You

Going into effect on July 1, 2020, the new PHMSA “Gas Mega Rule, Part 1” aims to increase the level of safety associated with the transportation and operation of onshore gas transmission pipelines. In this webcast, we will cover the critical aspects of the rulemaking, as well as what pipeline operators need to do to integrate the new Mega Rule into existing operations and integrity programs.

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Webcast: SWRO Desalination Plants

Avoiding Corrosion Problems in SWRO Desalination Plants

Learn the latest developments in the fast-growing industry of desalination plants to increase needed supplies of freshwater using seawater reverse osmosis. This webcast, presented by Dr. Roger Francis, FNACE, covers the four major sections in a SWRO plant, as well as the conditions that affect corrosion and how to prevent it.

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Webcast: COVID-19 Legislation

Interpreting COVID-19 Legislation's Impact on NACE Members' Small Businesses

Join NACE policy experts as we provide in-depth analysis on COVID-19 relief measures and how they affect NACE small business members, contractors, and self-employed individuals. To date, Congress has passed three bills to provide protection and benefits for individuals and increase funding opportunities for industries and businesses in need. Learn more about how the legislation can help you.

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Webcast: Engineers without borders

Build a Better World: Engineers Without Borders and NACE

Don't miss this special webinar from Engineers Without Borders (EWB-USA), with guest speaker NACE CEO Bob Chalker. Learn about the amazing impact EWB-USA is making around the world and how to find the perfect opportunity that will both harness your passion and use your skills to build a better world.

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Webcast: Pipeline Safety Measures in Congress

Pipeline Safety Measures in Congress

NACE International's government relations department is pleased to announce a webcast on the future of direct assessment. In June, Congress began work on important pipeline safety measures and legislation. These proposals could affect you and your employer. In fact, an initial version of legislation would have banned the use of direct assessment.

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The Economies of Corrosion Management in the Maritime Industries

Brought to you by: Maritime News

Incorporating corrosion mitigating measures into planning, design, construction, and operations can be seen as an unreasonable cost given the "over the horizon" nature of the risk. Therefore, often minimum attention is given up front to the risk of corrosion compared to other more immediate hazards. Learn why you should avoid waiting until the problem becomes visible, and stop "chasing rust."

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