Technical Achievement Award

Technical Achievement Award

The Technical Achievement Award is given in recognition for technical achievement in corrosion engineering having significant impact on the practice of corrosion control, or on the enhancement of the profession of corrosion engineering. Recognized achievements can be in the areas of research, engineering, or education.

A maximum of five awards may be given in any year. Each recipient will receive an inscribed award.

Nominee Eligibility

  • The nominee must be a current member of NACE in good standing.
  • No posthumous nominations will be accepted.
  • Past presidents are eligible for this award only for accomplishments following their presidency and only after five years time has lapsed since their presidency.
  • Past recipients of the Frank Newman Speller Award and the Willis Rodney Whitney Award are not eligible for this award.
  • Past recipients of this award are not eligible to receive this award again.

How to Nominate

Review the nominator eligibility requirements

Download and fill out nomination form

Review criteria for nominator eligibility

Return on or before June 30 to NACE Headquarters

For more information please email

2020 Recipient(s)

Dr. Hisashi Amaya

Nippon Steel Corp., Wakayama, Japan

Recognized for his many contributions to corrosion engineering including application of high-performance materials for oil and gas applications.

Dr. Sunder Ramachandran

Baker Hughes, Sugar Land, Texas, USA

Recognized for outstanding contributions to development of corrosion inhibitors for deepwater systems, foamers for unloading liquid from gas wells and pipelines, and new H2S scavengers.

Dr. Torben Lund Skovhus

VIA University College, Horsens, Denmark

Recognized for advancing the understanding and control of microbiologically influenced corrosion (MIC) through education, publication, research, conferences, standards and his work in technical societies.

Dr. Ulf Kivisakk

AB Sandvik Materials Technology, Sandviken, Sweden

Recognized for his professional achievements, specifically his contributions to the understanding of nickel and stainless-steel performance in marine application, in the pulp & paper and petroleum industry, and his commitment in the organization of NACE International.

Past Recipients

  • 2019
    Alyn Jenkins
    Baorong Hou
    Hejian Sun
    Hira Ahluwalia
    Lee Smith
  • 2018
    Thierry Cassagne, FNACE
    Sylvia Hall
    Perry Nice
    Paul Puckorius
    VS Raja, FNACE
  • 2017
     Andy Gysbers
    Sandra Hernandez
    Xiaogang Li
    Bruce Pint, FNACE
    Patrick Teevens
  • 2016
    Sankara Papavinasam, FNACE
    Minxu Lu
    Zahid Amjad
    Raymundo Case
    Daniel Powell
  • 2015
    Dr. Anthony Gerbino
    Jan Larsen
    Mohsen Achour
    Vilupanur Ravi
  • 2014
    Dr. Dharma Abayarathna
    Dr. Ali N. Moosavi
    Prof. Noam Eliaz
    Dr. Jorge J. Perdomo
    Dr. Gary E. Jenneman
  • 2013
    Dr. Thomas R. Jack
    Richard J. Kessler
    Teresa Perez
    Siamack A. Shirazi
    Dr. Malgorzata Ziomek-Moroz
  • 2012
    Professor Behzad Bavarian
    Dr. Dale R. McIntyre
  • 2011
    John Dabkowski
    Vince Hock
    Peter Mayer
    Ed Rybicki
  • 2010
    Avtandil Bairamov
    Alberto Sagüés
    Michel Bonis
    Sergei Shipilov
    John Martin
  • 2009
    Marc Edwards
    Michael W. Joosten
    Gabriel Ogundele
    Brian J. Saldanha
    Karol E. Szklarz
  • 2008
    J. Dimond
    M. Mitchell
  • 2007
    J. Broomfield
    B. Kermani
    L. Terrase
  • 2006
    B. Chang
    T. DeBold
    A. Naraghi
    C. Shargay
  • 2005
    S. Borenstein
    J. Crum
    W. Hartt
  • 2004
    M. Akashi
    G.R. Holcomb
    S.D. Kapusta
    R.W. Revie
  • 2003
    D.G. Hill
    S.N. Smith
    N. Sridhar
  • 2002
    J.E. Bennett
    R.J. Horvath
    R.M. Kain
    R.W. Ross
    K.L. Vasanth
  • 2001
    A. Goolsby
    C.C. Nathan
    A. Turnbull
    T.L. Yau
  • 2000
    J.P. Audouard
    W.W. Frenier
    B. Hopkinson
    S.A. Kennedy
    G.D. Smith