Fellow Honor

Fellow Honor

The honor of NACE Fellow is given in recognition of distinguished contributions in the field of corrosion and its prevention; and to develop a broadly based forum for technical and professional leaders to serve as advisers to the Association.

Nominee Eligibility

  • The nominee must have completed five years of current, continuous membership in the Association at the time of nomination.
  • No posthumous nominations will be accepted.
  • Voting members of the NACE Board may not be selected to receive this honor during their term on the Board.
  • Past recipients of this award are not eligible to receive this award again.

How to Nominate

Download and fill out nomination form

Review criteria for nominator eligibility

Return on or before June 30 to NACE Headquarters

For more information please email awards@nace.org.

2019 Recipient(s)

Benjamin Chang

PolyLab | Houston, Texas

"Recognized for his leadership with NACE and significant contributions to the advancement of coatings technology in offshore platform and pipeline industry."

Carlos A. Palacios

CIMA-TQ, LLC | Houston, Texas

"Recognized for the development of methodologies to assess the Integrity of assets from the internal corrosion perspective for gas and multiphase flow systems and development of a chemical dispersion device for downhole corrosion control."

David Kolman

Los Alamos National Laboratory | Los Alamos, New Mexico

"Recognized for his outstanding achievements recognizing and mitigating failures of radioactive materials and radioactive container materials."

Douglas Hansen

University of Dayton | Dayton, Ohio

"For extensive research into the interactions between metals and biological systems to help develop environmentally friendly corrosion inhibitors and protective coatings."

Hira Ahluwalia

Material Selection Resources Inc. | Pennington, New Jersey

"Recognized for his significant contribution to corrosion and materials engineering in the chemical processing industries, leadership within NACE, and mentoring of young engineers."

Homero Castaneda Lopez

Texas A&M University | College Station, Texas

"Recognized for outstanding contributions to the development of comprehensive multiscale, multifunctional coating/substrate performance reliability models based on damage evolution concepts in pipe-lines."

Nallaiyan Rajendran

Anna University | Chennai, India

"In recognition of his outstanding contributions and seminal achievements in research and teaching with key contributions in the field of biomaterials corrosion, surface modification of bio implants and atmospheric corrosion."

Patrick Teevens

BROADSWORD Corrosion Engineering Ltd | Calgary, Alberta

"For continuous and international contributions to understanding corrosion mechanisms and mitigation of process engineering-induced corrosion problems in a variety of severe environments including super-sour gas production operations."

Richard J. Kessler

Retired | Gainesville, Florida

"Recognized for his unique impact in developing and implementing cost-effective corrosion protection systems for concrete infrastructure in marine environments with nationwide and international applications."

Robert Peter Badrak

Weatherford International | Houston, Texas

"Recognized for significant and sustained contributions to corrosion engineering and design in applications for drilling, completion and production of petroleum products."

Past Recipients

  • 2018
    Mohsen Achour
    Sean Brossia
    Jim Chmilar
    David Enos
    Rani George
    Sytze Huizinga
    Michelle Koul
    Mike Tran
    Ockert Van Der Schijff
    Brian Wyatt
  • 2017
    Jenny Been
    Gareth Hinds
    Brian KinsellaVivekanand Kain
    Minxu Lu
    Daniel Powell
    Kenneth Tator
    Pierre Roberge
    Lietai Yang
  • 2016
    Oliver Moghissi
    Andre Anderko
    Frank Cheng
    Gabriel Ogundele
    Robert Gummow
    Zahid Amjad
    Vilapanur Ravi
  • 2015
    Dr. Graham Bell
    Wayne Frenier
    Kevin Garrity
    Dr. John Martin
    Teresa Perez
    Siamack Shirazi
    Stephen Smith
  • 2014
    Thierry Cassagne
    Dr. Nick Birbilis
    Raul B. Rebak
    Vedula Sankar Sastri
    Stein Olsen
    Dr. Bruce A. Pint
  • 2013
    Akram Alfantazi
    Dr. Neal Berke
    Dr. Luz Marina Calle
    Dr. William M. Cox
    Christopher M. Fowler
    Dr. James D. Garber
    Barry Gordon
    Dr. U. Kamachi Mudali
    Neil Thompson
    Dr. Masakatsu Ueda
  • 2012
    Dr. Stephen C. Dexter
    Dr. Gerhardus Koch
    Sergio Kapusta
    Dr. Brian Saldanha
    Professor Noam Eliaz
  • 2011
    Mike Joosten
    V.S. Raja
    Frank Walsh
    Guy Davis
    Alberto Sagüés
    Sergei Shipilov
  • 2010
    John Broomfield
    Yves Gunaltun
    Bijan Kermani
    Ashok Kumar
    Scott Lillard
  • 2009
    Jose R. Vera
    Liane Smith
    Douglas L. Singbeil
    Barbara A. Shaw
    Martin W. Kendig
    Vincent F. Hock
    Bill Hedges
    Andrew Garner
    Damien Feron
    Thomas M. Devine
    Robert A. Cottis
  • 2008
    Srdjan Nesic
    Sankara Papavinasam
    Robert Mack
    Preet Mohinder Singh
    Prabhakar Singh
    Mehrooz Zamanzadeh
    Louis G. MacDowell
    En‐Hou Han
    Alan Turnbull
  • 2007
    Fraser King
    Edmund Rybicki
    Robert Kelly
    Gerald Gordon
  • 2006
    Mirna Urquidi– Macdonald
    Gaylord Smith
    Lillian Skogsberg
    James Keiser
    Robert Kain
    James Divine
    Rudolph Buchheit
    Stephen Bruemmer
  • 2005
    William Thomason
    Narasi Sridhar
    Gunter Schmitt
    William Hartt
    Roger Francis
    Bernard Covino
  • 2004
    Leonardo Uller
    Herbert Townsend
    Michael Renner
    Derek Milliams
    Peter Mayer
    Russell Jones
    Robert Heidersbach
    Gerald Frankel
    John Beavers
  • 2003
    G.J. Theus
    G. Sorell
    D.A. Shifler
    W.B.A. Sharp
    D.L. Piron
    W.J. Neill
    A. S. Khanna
    R.H. Hausler
    S.D. Cramer
  • 2002
    W.H. Seager
    J.R. Scully
    J.N. Murray
    E.L. Hibner
    A. Dugstad
  • 2001
    H.A. Videla
    J.F. Jenkins
    A.L. Hendricks
    J.H. Fitzgerald III
    O.H. Fenner
    H.L. Craig
    G.A. Cragnolino