AMPP Global Center Director (Volunteer) Position

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Signup Deadline: 11-07-2021
Starts: 07-01-2022
Ends: 06-30-2025
Location: Online Opportunity


POSITION: AMPP Global Center Board of Directors

LENGTH OF TERM: July 1, 2022 - June 30, 2025 (3 years)
The hours allocated may vary throughout the term with meetings being conducted online and in-person.

Download Application Form -  Application must be completed in its entirety.  Interested candidates may select "Apply Today" to upload completed application, letter of support and head shot for consideration by the AMPP Nominating Committee.

*Please be sure that you login at the top right corner to apply.  Applying requires you to have your free account set up. Setting up your account is easy and only takes 3 quick steps!

• Uphold the AMPP Global Center Bylaws.
• Attendance/participation at board meetings is mandatory, unless approval for the absence by the Chair is given.
• Develop the Strategic Plan for the Association with the Board of Directors.
• Participate in ad-hoc committees or as a Board Liaison to Program Committees, as appointed by the Chair.
• Participate and adhere to the activities and responsibilities associated with the management of the Board’s performance.
• Each board member has a fiduciary obligation to act in the best interests of AMPP and the AMPP Global Center.
As part of each board member’s fiduciary obligations, each board member is required to keep confidential any non-public information learned or obtained while serving as an AMPP or AMPP Global Center board member.

• Must be a member of the Association in good standing for at least three (3) consecutive years (AMPP and/or Legacy)
• Demonstrated leadership and management skills.
• Have employer financial and time support for the required term.
• Be familiar with AMPP’s/AMPP Global Center’s governance documents: the Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws and Charters.
• Board membership precludes participation on Program Committees and Governance
Subcommittees, other than as a Board Liaison or on an ad-hoc committee.

• Fosters continuous innovation, cooperation, and creativity for the welfare and growth of the Association.
• Understands that the Association was conceived and chartered to be a fully global organization.
• Understands the impact of global trends within the Association and the industry as a whole.
• Seeks and values diversity of thought from others.
• Is able and eager to work with others across multiple culture and diverse backgrounds.
• Understands the strategic planning, financial management and budgeting principles necessary to sustain the welfare and growth of the Association.
• Represents the interests of multiple, diverse stakeholders in analyzing the strategic direction of the Association by supporting and communicating the AMPP and AMPP Global Center mission.
• Seeks and uses facts and data as well as organizational aspiration as a guide for decision making.
• Communicates with others openly, respectfully, and with care.
• Additional input as provided by the board(s).

The Board of Directors is accountable to the needs of members of the Association.
Service on the AMPP/AMPP Global Center Board of Directors is without remuneration.

The selection process will be managed by the Nominating Committee.  Selected applicants will  be invited for interviews with the Nominating Committee in November 2021. The AMPP membership will cast their vote on the proposed slate in December 2021, with the results being announced in January 2022.

Volunteers Needed:

3 (3 open slots)




Carmen Peebles