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H. Fernando Sianipar

H. Fernando Sianipar

Jakarta, Indonesia

NACE Corrosion Technologist Certified, Corrosion Engineer at PT Wilson Walton Indonesia

"Having [access to] plenty of NACE standards and papers is the best way to improve corrosion activity and solutions. Having your NACE certification shows you are professional in your job; it's the best standard competency for corrosion. Being part of NACE provides many challenges and guidance; it means we are never alone as problem solvers." 

Khuram Javed Awan

Khuram Javed Awan

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

NACE CIP Level 2 Certified, Coating Inspector at Norske Corrosion and Inspection Services Ltd.

"I enjoyed both the theory and practical sessions and the field experience of the instructors during NACE training. Being certified makes me responsible and highly confident in my work. Having NACE certification has put me in a better position to advance from under the hood to inspection. My NACE certification has allowed for a coating inspection reference of my skills on which clients and employers can base their professional opinions of my capabilities." 

Justin Rigby

Justin Rigby

Melbourne, Australia

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified and NACE Instructor, Managing Director at Remedy Asset Protection

"All the way from Australia, I developed my experience in the protective coatings contracting industry, and through running my own business was introduced to CIP when building our quality processes and systems. Over time, I progressed to become CIP Level 3 certified and transitioned to my new business in protective coatings consultancy and inspection services. Later, I was offered the opportunity to interview for an instructor's position. NACE has been like a family to me."

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