• NACE equips society to protect people, assets and
    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
Course - PCS 1 Basic Principles

The PCS 1 Basic Principles introduces both the theoretical and practical aspects of using coatings to control corrosion and the economic benefits of managing them. Common corrosion control coatings are defined and when, how, and where they should be used.

Classroom instruction is comprised of lectures and open discussions.

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  • Planning, engineering, and supervisory level personnel responsible for industrial coatings and linings who are new to the field or position
  • Specifiers, maintenance and project engineers in all industries
  • Marketing representatives of coatings materials or equipment
  • Unit managers involved in corrosion
Note: Students who hold a NACE CIP Level 1 Certification or similar certification from SSPC or Frosio, will find much of the material learned in Inspection overlaps and is retaught in PCS.
There are no prerequisites for this course.

Math for the Coatings Professional e-Course
Learning Objectives:
  • Define control corrosion and the purpose of coatings and linings
  • Identify the types of coating systems and select the appropriate one based on factoring considerations
  • Recognize the purpose of surface preparation and identify errors/omissions
  • Explain the methods of application and the standards associated with those methods
  • Produce desired results by understanding the importance of coating specification and pre-job conference
  • Conduct inspection and quality control and understand the instruments and tools required
  • Utilize instruments and tests to conduct inspection and quality control
  • Document and report data, recognize the importance of it and how it assists with maintenance planning
  • PCS Basic Principles Manual on CD ROM
  • PCS Basic Principles Manual
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