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NACE Career Development:

Changing Your Life & Ours

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Cay Strother, PMP, PE

Denver, Colorado, USA

NACE CIP Level 1, CP2, Corrosion Technician, and Corrosion Technologist Certified, Corrosion Control Section Supervisor at Kleinfelder

"Getting my certifications has helped me advance my career, meet a lot of interesting people, and network with people around the nation who I would otherwise not have had the opportunity to meet. I’ve met some really great people, some really smart people, and I appreciate the opportunity to get to know them better through NACE."

Olumide Aluko

Allen, Texas, USA

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, Technical Project Manager & Senior Protective Coating Specialist at Roy-Comark Consulting Services, Inc.

"A friend of mine introduced me to NACE. NACE has enhanced my skills and improved my standard of quality assurance inspection in the protective coating industry. It has also enhanced my experience by giving me hands-on [training on] new inspection methods and equipment and additional understanding of international standards, plus more money to make my family comfortable."

Nancy Winchester, Ph.D, MSETM

St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

NACE Basic Corrosion and Designing for Corrosion Control student, Vice President of the R&D Solutions Division at Research & Development Corporation

"I use what I learned at NACE to understand corrosion issues facing industry and what my organization can do to assist customers with knowing how their products will perform well in such environments and can assist their end customers with asset integrity issues at their facilities."

NACE Career Development: Without Comparison

NACE students and instructors will attest that nothing compares to how NACE Career Development has shaped their professional lives. From the course content, certification requirements, and qualified instructors, to the lifelong networking opportunities and the career paths NACE programs help define, choosing NACE Career Development means you've joined an elite group that has earned their certifications and has marketable and applicable job skills and knowledge.


Ernest Klechka, PE

Temple, Texas, USA

NACE CIP Level 3, CP4, Corrosion Specialist, and Protective Coating Specialist Certified, and NACE Instructor, Assistant Regional Terminal Manager at Citgo Petroleum Corporation

"One of the first courses I took was CIP. It helped me immensely in my early career. It gave me the opportunity to look at different coatings and coatings materials and different ways to inspect them. Later on, I also took CP1 and CP4. CP4 was quite a challenge, even for an engineer. But I enjoyed it, it helped me out a lot. Being certified has certainly helped in my recent years as a professional engineer and working with NACE as an instructor."

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José Caprarulo

Buenos Aires, Argentina

NACE CIP Level 2, CP1, and Corrosion Technologist Certified, Self-Employed

"I've worked for 35 years as an inspector in the oil & gas industry, inspecting pressure vessels, hydrocarbon storage tanks, pipes, and pipelines. It would be impossible to imagine my career without the imprint of NACE. When I was designing my career, I always found some course and certification that gave more validity and recognition."


Stevyn Shen, B.A.Sc.

Calgary, Alberta, Canada

NACE CP2 Certified, Pipeline Integrity Engineer-In-Training at Providence Corrosion Ltd

"I first heard about NACE during a university course. After graduation, I started looking at jobs and saw that the industry job requirements asked for NACE certifications. I signed up for the NACE CP1 course and at the course, it was a social networking and learning experience for me, and that’s where I met my current employer. I got an interview from him right there. Right now, I'm working in the industry and loving it."

Ariff Sukur

Miri, Malaysia

NACE CIP Level 2, CP1 Certified, Inspection Engineer at Sarawak Shell Bhd

"After completing the NACE CP course, I have a better understanding of cathodic protection systems on offshore platforms. I've used this information to assist me in deciding on inspection frequency during a mini-project as the CP focal point. The NACE CIP course helps me as the coating focal point at Sarawak Asset in determining and specifying required surface preparation and paint application."

Christien Stone

Champion, Alberta, Canada

NACE CP2 Certified, Cathodic Protection Technician and Site Inspector at Powers Corrosion Inc.

"Acquiring NACE certification allows your peers to recognize that you are confident and competitive within your field. NACE certification establishes a base on which operators and employers will assess your qualifications and competencies. As a motivated and capable individual who often exceeds expectations, my NACE certification has allowed for a concrete reference of my skills on which clients and employers can base their professional opinions of my capabilities."

Sarat Manohar

Vijayawada, India

NACE CP2 Certified, Site Cathodic Protection Engineer at Corrosion Technology Services

"I’m working in the oil and gas fields in the Middle East, where they need highly professional people who have NACE courses and certification. I pushed myself to get NACE training and certification. Before NACE, I didn’t have any idea about the corrosion field, but once I took the course, things started to change. It relates to my electrical engineering studies, and it is a good kick start for my career."

Alexandre Racine

Mascouche, Quebec, Canada

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, Quality Control Manager/EHS Coordinator at Drytec Trans-Canada

"I have worked in the corrosion industry for 20 years. NACE training and certification helped me get a major promotion as a QC manager. It’s given me the chance to exchange knowledge with other third-party inspectors and most importantly, our fellow workers – blasters, painters, and inspectors. Being certified is a statement of recognition."

Roc Lu

Shenzhen, Guangdong, China

NACE CP4, PCIM Technologist Certified, Professional Senior Manager – Pipeline Integrity Management at Towngas, member of the Hong Kong and China Gas Group

“NACE courses and certifications have helped me a lot in daily work. I can make more systematic application of various technologies to solve practical problems in the field. I got more opportunities to spread the advanced corrosion protection knowledge and technology. In particular, NACE CP3 certification played a very big role in changing jobs at the end of 2012.

For employers, NACE certification is very important. With the rapid economic development, China is making more and more good changes. Employing an authoritative engineer can not only increase the company’s expertise, but also increase the company’s technological impact within the industry.”

Jude Blevins

Williamsport, Pennsylvania, USA

NACE CIP Level 1 Certified, Quality Control Tech at High Steel Structures

"Having NACE training has put me in a better position to advance from under the hood to inspection. I chose NACE because of the reputation in the industry as being the most recognized in corrosion control solutions and NACE’s ethics policy."

Riyana Bazuri

Singapore, Singapore

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, QA Manager at Blastech Abrasives Pte Ltd.

"Being certified and female, NACE certification gives me confidence to carry out my work in a tough male environment. Being certified allows me to carry out my job well, and customers trust the job we do. It is very fulfulling to hear positive feedback after a hard day's work.

My employer believes that with the right and certified candidate, we will deliver products. In return, customers trust our workmanship and they become repeat customers. Through organizations like NACE, we expect to receive updates and be in line with current rends. Networking through NACE is also important so we can work together and help each other to prosper in business and in knowledge and technology."

Manish Saini

Saharanpur, India

NACE CP2 Certified, Cathodic Protection Engineer at Sanmarg Projects (P) Ltd.

"I most enjoyed the practical sessions and the field experience of instructors during NACE training. Being certified makes me: responsible and loyal to my work; highly confident during my job-related communications and discussions with others; and unique from ordinary engineers. After completing NACE certification, I really felt a big difference between my past and present position."

Karyn Albrecht

Gillitts, South Africa

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, Corrosion and Coatings Inspector - Director at AVAX Projects

"I have worked in the industry for 15+ years. The most valuable lesson I learned from undertaking NACE training and certifications is to document, document, document, and how important specifications are. In this industry, a person must stay unbiased. It is imperative to live and breathe the NACE code of conduct for coating inspectors. I would recommend that people who have a passion for all aspects of coatings and enjoy hard work, must join the NACE family."


Viralkumar Patel

Meghpar Kumbhardi, India

NACE CIP Level 2 Certified, Painting/Coating Manager at Suzlon Energy Ltd.

"I chose NACE for knowledge enhancement and improvement. During training, I most enjoyed the knowledge sharing."

Alfredo Dias

Lobito, Angola

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, Coating Coordinator at Aker Solutions Enterprises Angola

"I heard about NACE at my previous company, a construction yard for subsea oil structures. I've worked every day as a coating inspector for almost 17 years in oil industries. I'm proud to be NACE CIP Level 3 certified because I am contributing to the development of my country, which is rich in oil, but there are few of us in this career."

Omar Fanoush

Benghazi, Libya

NACE CIP Level 1 and 2 Student, Corrosion Supervisor at Wintershall - Libya

"I heard about NACE from my previous line supervisor. I consider NACE to be my career organizer."


Khuram Javed Awan

Surrey, British Columbia, Canada

NACE CIP Level 2 Certified, Coating Inspector at Norske Corrosion and Inspection Services Ltd.

"I enjoyed both the theory and practical sessions and the field experience of the instructors during NACE training. Being certified makes me responsible and highly confident in my work. Having NACE certification has put me in a better position to advance from under the hood to inspection. My NACE certification has allowed for a coating inspection reference of my skills on which clients and employers can base their professional opinions of my capabilities."

Justin Rigby

Melbourne, Australia

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified and NACE Instructor, Managing Director at Remedy Asset Protection

"All the way from Australia, I developed my experience in the protective coatings contracting industry, and through running my own business was introduced to CIP when building our quality processes and systems. Over time, I progressed to become CIP Level 3 certified and transitioned to my new business in protective coatings consultancy and inspection services. Later, I was offered the opportunity to interview for an instructor's position. NACE has been like a family to me."

H. Fernando Sianipar

Jakarta, Indonesia

"NACE Corrosion Technologist Certified, Corrosion Engineer at PT Wilson Walton Indonesia

"Having [access to] plenty of NACE standards and papers is the best way to improve corrosion activity and solutions. Having your NACE certification shows you are professional in your job; it's the best standard competency for corrosion. Being part of NACE provides many challenges and guidance; it means we are never alone as problem solvers."

Adam Kelly

Huntington Beach, CA, USA

NACE CIP Level 3 Certified, Senior Coating/Corrosion Inspector at Wilcrest Field Services (for TransCanada/Columbia Gas)

"I enjoyed learning about different coating fields. I do a lot of pipeline work which limits a lot of my exposure to various coating systems, and NACE helped broaden my perspective. NACE has given me the knowledge and confidence to express my experience in the field and in the office to achieve project goals."

Prabath Gunasekara

Colombo, Sri Lanka

NACE CIP Level 1 Certified, Quality Assurance Manager at LTL Galvanizers (Pvt) Ltd.

"We do hot dip galvanizing and metallizing. Until I took the NACE course, I was not in good standard on correct test methods, equipment, defect analysis, and correct inspection methods. After NACE training, I am totally aware of using equipment [for paint coating measurement over metallized articles] during coating application. Now I can identify coating defects correctly."


Brendan Fitzsimons

Monkton Village, Jarrow, United Kingdom

NACE CIP Level 3, Protective Coatings Specialist, and Corrosion Specialist Certified, and NACE CIP Level 3 Peer Reviewer​, Technical Director at Wood PLC

"I've worked in the corrosion industry for 35 years. My employer requires assurance that I have been trained, tested and regularly reviewed, ensuring I maintain my skills and expertise. Certification is the only recognized process that the training, skills, and experience are continuously reviewed against agreed industry standards.

I successfully completed my CIP Peer Review certification in 1989. NACE certification opened numerous opportunities for me. I travelled the world, working on some very prestigious projects. It was clear that the NACE CIP certification was global, and if you wanted to travel, you had to have the qualification.

I have been a CIP Peer Reviewer for about 8 years. It is great meeting and working with other CIP Peer Reviewers who have a vast amount of experience. You never stop learning in the coatings industry. I meet students from all over the world, and I am in a privileged position to be part of the panel."

Dr. Benjamin Tai-An Chang

Dr. Benjamin Tai-An Chang

Houston, Texas, USA

NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 3, CP1 – Cathodic Protection Tester, and Protective Coating Specialist Certified and NACE Instructor

" I've been a NACE Instructor for 15 years and taught for NACE in China and around the world. I am well matched with NACE, understand how much they invest in the quality of their courses, translation, instructors and how much they invest in improvements. The reputation of NACE in China cannot be matched by any others.

I'm proud to be 100% NACE."

Michael MacDonald

Michael MacDonald

Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, USA

NACE Coating Inspector Program Level 3 Certified, and NACE Instructor, Technical Services Manager - Americas at PPG Protective and Marine Coatings

"I wish I had taken the NACE Coating Inspector Program classes earlier in my career because in the last 7-plus years, I have had several roles from technical sales representative, to technical service representative, to infrastructure segment manager, to today. For each role, I have held at PPG, my experiences and knowledge gained from the NACE Coating Inspector Program have provided me the ability to keep reaching for the next challenge.

The level of respect from peers is something that cannot be underestimated, especially as many of the leaders in our industry retire."


Truong Phu Khanh

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

NACE Cathodic Protection Tester Certified, Non Destructive Testing Inspector and CP Engineer at TTAsia Company Ltd.​

"When I graduated from university, I joined a company working on NDT fields. After two years, my company got several jobs relating to the corrosion industry, and our clients required CP certification, so my company sent me to a CP1 course. That's the reason why I know NACE and I began to get into the corrosion industry.

Now I have 2 years of experience in cathodic protection. My job is very interesting and I love to work on CP projects. I will definitely attend the next CP courses, from CP2 to CP4. These are my goals."

Frank Slezak

Frank Slezak

Johnstown, Pennsylvania, USA

NACE Coating Inspector Program (CIP) Level 3 with Bridge and Marine Specialties and Cathodic Protection Tester Certified, VP Director of Construction Services at Greenman-Pedersen, Inc. (GPI)

"I have worked in the corrosion industry for almost 20 years. My NACE certifications have advanced my career and helped me meet and network with peple in a very select industry. I would recommend that if you have a passion for coatings and work hard and enjoy heights, follow with a NACE career. The opportunities are endless.

My job includes managing and hiring coating inspectors, managing contracts, marketing, coating inspection, failure analysis, specifications review, and contractor submittal review. When we hire inspectors, the pool of inspectors is slim. NACE certified professionals do stand out in terms of their training, knowledge, and skillset. They are prepared, professional, ​and know their job duties, and if they have questions - being NACE certified - they have a network to help."