Standards initiative Communication #1: Official formation of the NACE Standards board


Fellow Technical Activities members,

   I am pleased to bring you some excellent news regarding the new NACE Standards Board.

  On October 31st, the NACE International Board of Directors unanimously approved both the new operating manual and the slate of initial members of the newly created NACE Standards Board.

   In addition, and perhaps most importantly, they also unanimously approved that the Chair of the NACE Standards Board will have a voting seat on the NACE International Board of Directors, effective March 2020.

   This continued support from the NACE International Board continues to demonstrate their commitment to our initiative to strengthen our standards program and position it to take our appropriate place as the leader for producing state of the art standards for the corrosion industry.

   The next step for the Standards Board is a two-day orientation and planning meeting to be held at NACE headquarters in Houston in late January. At this meeting we will be taking action on critical initiatives, the most important of which is the creation of the standards committees which will do the actual development work and approval of NACE standards.

   We will continue to keep you updated as to progress on these initiatives as we approach our official kick off meeting at CORROSION 2020 in Houston.

Any inquiries or replies, please submit by email to



Cris K. Conner

Standards Board Chair (Interim)