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    the environment from the adverse effects of corrosion.
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Materials Performance Magazine Editorial and Advertising Staff

Materials Performance (MP) is the only magazine that covers the worldwide corrosion control industry. 

For more information, please visit www.materialsperformance.com

MP Staff

Ms. Gretchen Jacobson
Managing Editor
Director, Content Development
Phone: +1 281-228-6207
Fax: +1 281-228-6307
  Mr. Bill Wageneck
Group Publisher
Phone: +1 281-228-6441
Ms. Kathy Riggs Larsen 
Phone: +1 281-228-6281 
Fax: +1 281-228-6381 
Ms. Brenda Nitz
Advertising Coordinator
Phone: +1 281-228-6219
Fax: +1 281-228-6319
Ms. Diane Gross
Sales Manager
Phone: +1 281-228- 6446
Fax: +1 281-228-6399
Ms. Kaci Lamb
Sales Specialist
Phone: +1 281-228-6459
Email: kaci.lamb@nace.org

Mr. Norm Moriber
Technical Editor
Ms. Jody Lovsness
Account Executive
Phone: +1 281-228-6257
Fax: +1 281-228-6357

Ms. Michele Jennings
Graphics Specialist
Phone: +1 281-228-6269
Fax: +1 281-228-6369
Ms. Teri Gilley
Production Coordinator
Phone: +1 281-228-6265
Fax: +1 281-228-6365
E-mail: teri.gilley@nace.org  
Mr. Jim Kingwill
Mr. Barry Kingwill
Account Executives
Chicago/Cleveland/New York Area
Phone: +1 847-537-9196
Fax: +1 847-537-6519
E-mail: jim@kingwillco.combarry@kingwillco.com  
Ms. Leslie Whiteman
Account Executive
Phone: +1 281-228-6248
Fax: +1 281-228-6348
E-mail: leslie.whiteman@nace.org

MP Editorial Advisory Board 

John P. Broomfield
Broomfield Consultant
London, United Kingdom
Lee Machemer
Jonas, Inc.
Prince Frederick, Maryland
Raul A. Castillo
Brazoria, Texas
Russ Kane 
iCorrosion, LLC
Houston, Texas
W. Brian Holtsbaum
Corsult Associates (1980), Ltd.
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Ernest Klechka
Citgo Petroleum Corp.
Temple, Texas
L.D. "Lou" Vincent
L.D. "Lou" Vincent PhD LLC
Lafayette, Louisiana
Kurt Lawson
Mears Group, Inc.
Plain City, Ohio

David He
Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
San Ramon, Calafornia

John S. Smart, III
John Smart Consulting
Houston, Texas 
Orin Hollander
Holland Technologies
Jamison, Pennsylvania
Zahid Amjad
Walsh University
North Canton, Ohio

Jerry Holton
Specialty Polymer Coatings, USA, Inc.
Angleton, Texas
Jack Tinnea
Tinnea & Associates, LLC
Seattle, Washington

Materials Performance is published monthly by:

NACE International
15835 Park Ten Place 
Houston, TX 77084-4906 
Phone: +1 281-228-6200
Fax: +1 281-228-6300