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Technical Committees - Checklist For NACE Standards


(Paragraph numbers refer to the NACE Publications Style Manual.)


Three types of standards

These guidelines apply to all three types of NACE standard:

  • Standard Practice (SP)
  • Test Method (TM)
  • Material Requirement (MR) (Paragraph 3.2.1)


"Shall" or "must" = says the statement is mandatory

"Should" = says the statement is recommended but not mandatory

"May" = says the statement is optional advice (Paragraph

*Wording such as "it is recommended," "it is preferred," "it is required," and the words can and is should be avoided.  



SI first

  • Followed by U.S. customary units in parentheses (optional)
  • Correct number of significant digits? (Paragraph 2.15.2 and Appendix L)

Materials designations

  • UNS number in parentheses after common metal or alloy name on first reference UNS number alone in subsequent references
  • NO TRADE NAMES! (except in bibliographic citations and footnotes) (Paragraph

The Foreword contains:

  • Purpose (why this is being written)
  • Intended audience (who should benefit)
  • Explanatory information
  • Sponsoring committees (Paragraph
  • The body of the standard MUST begin with "Section 1: General"
  • Scope
  • Limitations of standard
  • Brief description of topics covered (Paragraph

General organization of standard

  • Clear
  • Fits with purpose as stated in Foreword
  • Logical flow
  • If test method, make sure all procedure steps are included and can be followed by reader (not just an expert)

Terminology and wording used in standard

  • Definitions of terms used in standard must agree with definitions in NACE Glossary
  • Once defined, all terminology must be used consistently throughout the standard
  • All wording should be easily understandable and reader-friendly (not written for expert only)
  • Avoid redundancy; say it correctly once, and don't repeat


  • (Logically) numbered paragraphs (Paragraph
  • Equations MUST be numbered (Paragraph 2.7)

Tables, figures, and appendices

  • Must have titles
  • Must be mentioned in the text
  • Must be numbered in order of appearance in the text (Paragraphs 2.3, 2.9.3, and 2.9.4)


  • Do the contents match the scope given in the Foreword? (Paragraph