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    assets and the environment from the adverse
    effects of corrosion.



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Cris K. Conner
Past TCC Chair
President of Utility Service & Maintenance
St. Louis, MO
NACE Member since 1980


Standards Development

NACE is a standards-writing organization accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). There are three categories of NACE standards:

  • Standard Practices (SPs)
  • Material Requirements (MRs)
  • Test Methods (TMs)

Standards Development Cycle


  • An Idea for a Standard
  • Committee Formed to Write Standard
  • Draft Prepared by Committee
  • Draft Submitted to Headquarters for Ballot


  • Consensus Body Formed
  • Draft Distributed to Consensus Body for Ballot
  • Votes Analyzed-Valid Ballot?
  • TG Addresses Negative Votes and Comments
  • TG Asks Negative Voters to Withdraw


  • If Technical Changes or Negative Votes, Draft Recirculated for Voting
  • If 90% Yea vs. Nay (Excluding Abstaining) Votes, Ballot Passes
  • Remaining Negative Voters Addressed but Not Required to be Withdrawn
  • Remaining Negative Voters Advised of Right to Appeal


  • Publication Approval Process Followed
  • Ratified or Approved by Appropriate Authority
  • Standard Published

MR0175/ISO 15156 Maintenance Panel Updates

Users of NACE MR0175/ISO 15156, "Petroleum and natural gas industries—Materials for use in H2S-containing environments in oil and gas production," can now keep up-to-date with activities of the Maintenance Panel for this standard via a link from the NACE Web site to theISO Live Link Web site.

Standards Development Guides

Draft Document Distributions
Please see below for the most current list of ballots that have been distributed.

Vote on Ballots

Task GroupDocumentClosing Date
TG 039TG 039’s proposed revision of NACE Publication 35100, “In-Line Inspection of Pipelines”2/22/2017
TG 486“Care, Handling, and Installation of Internally Plastic-Coated Oilfield Tubular Goods and Accessories”2/24/2017
TG 538TG 538’s Proposed NACE/IEEE Joint Standard “Inspection and Assessment of Below Grade and Groundline Corrosion on Weathering Steel on Electrical Transmission and Distribution Structures”3/8/2017
TG 529TG 529’s Proposed Joint NACE/IEEE Standard “Atmospheric Above Grade Inspection and Assessment of Corrosion on Steel Electrical Transmission, Distribution, and Substation Structures”_3/8/2017
TG 400Corrosion Management of Atmospherically Exposed Reinforced Concrete Structures3/15/2017
TG 302Format, Content, and Other Guidelines for Developing a Materials Selection Diagram3/16/2017
TG 459STG 30’s Proposed Reaffirmation of TM0190-2012, "Impressed Current Laboratory Testing of Aluminum and Zinc Alloy Anodes"3/20/2017
TG 520TG 520’s Proposed NACE Standard Test Method, “Test Method for Measurement of Peel Strength of Multilayer Polyolefin Coating Systems”3/22/2017

Interested persons may contact NACE Headquarters at 281-228-6264 receive a copy of these ballots or request a copy online. Note: If you are not a member of the ballot's sponsoring STG(s), you will need to sign in as a nonmember.